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If you would like to have help learning to wear your baby, please contact me. Prior to a consultation, we will talk about what you want to learn and with which wrap or carrier we will work during the consult. Usually I will come to your home, but at my home is also one of the possibilities. Depending on the location where the consultation will take place, travelling cost may be charged additionally to the price of the consultation. (See at the bottom of this page.)

Why consult a babywearing consultant?

With a consultation, you ‘buy’ security, comfort and more ability to enjoy. What you are actually investing in, are knowledge and skills that you can enjoy for quite a long time. Joy which one cannot express in money. And in case of a baby carrier fitting consultation, you buy off a lot of time and energy to maybe buy several baby carriers and try to sell them again, ór you ‘buy’ the security that you are purchasing a baby carrier that you, maybe also your partner, and your baby fit well and that does not annoy your body or cause physical problems. At Draagadvies Amsterdam Babywearing Consultation Amsterdam you are asured of adequate advice from an educated babywearing consultant with a lot of experience and knowledge of products.

Why Draagadvies Amsterdam?
  • 5 years of experience in Babywearing Consultancy.
  • The babywearing consultant is educated in babywearing consultancy and member of the VDC (Association of Babywearing Consultants) , by which keeping up being educated is guaranteed.
  • The babywearing consultant has ample experience with babywearing herself. For example, she has tried out over 50 different baby wraps and about 20 ergonomic carriers for use during consultations, and tried out many more.
  • At the end of a consultation, you can borrow a sling, mei tai or baby carrier for two weeks, so you have plenty of time to purchase a carrying aid of your own choice.
  • Afterwards, you receive an email with the list of steps for tying your wrap carry or using a baby carrier, as well as extra information and links that open the doors to “babywearing land” 🙂
  • You receive discount codes with which you can order a carrying aid of your own choice at a few webshops.
Standard Consultation

A standard consult takes more than 1 hour up to 1,5 hour. You learn one carry with a woven wrap or the stretchy wrap or a mei tai. I take the time to go through the stages of wrapping to be sure you learn to wrap safely and comfortable. The first time practising we will use a special carry-doll.
A standard consult costs € 65. For a couple, it takes longer and it costs € 75.
Learning babywearing with a ring sling is also possible. A consult takes about an hour then, and costs € 55.

Follow-up consultation

A follow-up consultation is possible if you already had a consultation at Draagadvies Amsterdam and you would like to learn a new carry, or you want to learn how to carry your baby with another carrying aid. On a follow-up consultation you get a discount of 20%.

Carrier fitting consultation

Do you want to wear your baby in an ergonomic carrier? You can book a carrier consult. I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of different baby carriers. I will also teach you which things are important when wearing your baby in a carrier. This consult takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Costs are € 65. or a couple, it takes longer and it costs € 75.

Carrier adjustment consultation

Do you already own an ergonomic carrier, but it is not comfortable? You don’t know what you have to do to get a good fit? Or maybe you doubt whether your baby is positioned right in the carrier. During the carrier adjustment consultation I will explain a bit about ergonomics and how to apply this knowledge, using your carrier. I help you adjust your carrier well, so you know what you have to do to get a good fit for both you and your child, each time you use the carrier. This consultation takes about 45 minutes. The costs are € 40. For a couple it costs €55. For two carriers it costs €55 and for a couple and two carriers, it costs €70.

Group consultation

During a group consult you will learn the same carry with the two or three of you. For 2 persons it takes about 1,5 to 2 hours and costs € 85 (in total) and for 3 persons it takes about 2,5 hours and the costs are € 110 (total).

Workshop babywearing

It is also possible to learn how to wear your baby with a wrap, ring sling, mei tai or ergonomic carrier in a group. I will teach you all the ins and outs of one type of carrying. The group consists of 3 to 6 people. Check the AGENDA (in Dutch) to know if there is a workshop coming up soon.  You can also ask me about the possibilities to organize a workshop yourself, which I can fill in according to your wishes. Please feel free to contact me about this.


During a demonstration I will show all different kinds of carrying products and tell about the advantages and disadvantages of every product. You will be enabled to make a choice for use right now and you get an idea of what you might want to use in the nearby future. If you have made a choice, I can shortly go through one carry. We will use a special babywearing doll for that.
Notice: this is NOT a babywearing consult! If you want to learn wel how to carry your baby with a woven wrap, stretchy wrap, ring sling or mei tai, you can book a consult.
The cost of a demonstration for one person is € 55. For two persons it is € 60. Do you want a demonstration for more people or for a group, please contact me for details and the possibilities!
A demonstration on location is a great idea for a babyshower or a baby party!

Travel Costs

In most cases I do not charge travel costs and I come almost always by bike. Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, in Zaandam, Hoofddorp, Haarlem etc. is usually not my work area. When I work in these places, I do charge travel costs. This can very from 4-7 euros.